• Mental Wellness

    Relates To All Facets Of Life.

  • Depression Related

    illnesses directly cause poverty and vice-versa.

  • hopelessness is

    like a disease that can spread from one person to another

Reason To Hope

The Reason to Hope Program (RTH) was brought together by love and concern for those in the community struggling to achieve psychosocial wellness. Society’s continued scuffle for resources has created increasingly individualistic individuals who feel that their prospects are few. The Program Aims to:

  • i. Reduce self, family and community induced stigma
  • ii. To eliminate condemnation
  • iii. Build self esteem
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How We Work

The reason to hope program is based on a replication and duplication system adapted to local situations.
This allows the program to disseminate information gleaned from research and experience to relevant stake holders. We aim to ensure that communities know that help is...
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We organise at community centers, schools, churches hospitals etc and involve from first line medication and straightforward diagnosis of symptoms to in-depth workshops...
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We offer consultancy to individuals, groups and organizations that address the issues of stress and depression, alcohol and substance abuse, dysfunctional ...
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We also do counseling for individuals and family units. We have a high level of success because we don’t restrict clients to set sessions and we value real-time feedback...
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Mental Health
Psychosocial Well-Being Of The Person

Reason To Hope seeks to address both the root causes and consequences of health issues with particular focus on the psychosocial well being of the person. We are targeting the whole person, the totality of the human being: including relationships, health, wellness, productivity, resources/ability to meet one’s need, and everything a human being needs to live a whole life (peace of mind/healthy mind).
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